Rubenuik, Brenda

• My family has lived and worked in Maple Ridge for 23 years
• CPA CA and mother of three
• Two sons have graduated and my daughter will graduate in two years, all from SD42
• Actively involved at their schools including holding positions on the PAC at Alexander Robinson and Garibaldi
• Involved in their extracurricular activities, including managing teams.

I will work towards a fair and equitable learning environment that takes into account each student’s unique abilities while offering the same choices to every student in our district.

I believe that having a strong relationship between the trustees, parents, teachers and administrators will ensure students learn to the best of their ability and give them the confidence to grow. The BC education curriculum has been changing over the past several year s and parents need to be informed of the changes and how they will help their children succeed in the future.

Brenda Rubenuik

Tel: 604-463-3824
Brenda Rubenuik

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