Garbage & Green Waste Plebiscite

As part of the local election, Maple Ridge voters will receive a second ballot for a non-binding plebiscite on garbage and green waste curbside pickup.

The ballot contains the plebiscite question, a place to fill in the response and additional information to aid voters in providing their opinion. The ballot question reads as follows

"City of Maple Ridge - Plebiscite Ballot

Please indicate whether you agree with the following statement:
I support paying up to $270 per year (per household) for the following service: 
  • Kitchen scraps and green waste curbside collection – weekly pickup; 
  • Garbage curbside collection - biweekly (every two weeks) pickup; 
  • One set of totes/cans per household included; 
  • Large item pickup - twice per year. 
To Vote: Completely fill in the oval beside your answer to the question above.
Vote: Yes or No  

Additional information:
  • This information is being collected by the City of Maple Ridge, to assist in determining whether the City should provide a municipally-administered curbside pickup service for garbage and green waste.  
  • All citizens are being asked to respond. However, if the service is implemented, only houses and townhouses currently receiving City curbside recycling pickup would be eligible.  
  • The proposed charge is approximate and reflects first-year costs. The charge may be adjusted annually as required to fund the program and would be added to the annual property tax bill.  
  • The service will not be optional. If the service is implemented, all eligible residences in the service area will be charged regardless of whether the service is used.  
  • The voting result will be presented at a Council meeting open to the public in November 2018 and is not binding on the current or future Councils.” 
A copy of the advertisement that appeared in the local newspaper can be found here.