The Maple Ridge Fire Department is a composite department in that both paid-on-call and career firefighters are trained to be first-line first responders for the City of Maple Ridge. The Maple Ridge Fire Department hires paid-on-call firefighters annually. The recruitment and training process is in-depth to ensure that the successful candidates have the skills, knowledge and abilities to be promoted to the position of career firefighter within the department.

Paid-on-Call Firefighters
As a paid-on-call firefighter you will be called to:
  • be part of the suppression team fighting structure and vehicle fires
  • provide auto extrication at motor vehicle accidents
  • provide medical assistance to the citizens of Maple Ridge along with the British Columbia ambulance service
  • hazardous material responses
  • utilities emergencies
  • public education and relations
  • wildfire protection
  • continuous training
Fire Training